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  • All work of mine, here or from other sources, is © (copyright) Cindy Schnackel, aka Cindy Pollock Schnackel, all rights reserved. My work is protected under U.S. Copyright laws including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and international conventions such as the Berne Convention. Copyright law gives copyright owners several exclusive rights, well covered in the articles linked at the end of this post.
  • My work is not in the public domain, regardless where it is found. Public Domain is NOT the same thing as public display or public place. Similarly, it is not true that 'orphan works laws' give people the right to do as they please with images they claim they can't find the owner of. There is a process to that law that includes a diligent search and paying a fee, and not all countries even have that law. Do not assume.
  • Purchase does not transfer copyrights.
  • None of my material from any source may be used, altered, reproduced, uploaded, downloaded, copied, signature or copyright management info removed or altered, or metadata removed or altered, etc, by any means, without my express permission.
  • Due to problems with attribution and other copyright issues, I do not permit pinning of my work to Pinterest, and have done all that is possible to make this clear by using no pin codes where possible, etc.
  • This material is NOT for free illustrations, ads, memes, avatars, ETC! Those uses  are infringements, they are not "fair use." See articles linked at end.
  • Attribution and sharing: Genuine sharing is fully credited linked-back thumbnails, though actual “permission” is only obtainable by written agreement. Other uses are not ‘sharing’ and will be treated as infringement, (e.g. as avatars, illustrations, ads, banners, memes, promotions, appearance of endorsing anything, failure to properly attribute and link back, etc.) I wish I could say sharing is good; sadly so many people have abused it, and so many social sites enable and encourage infringement over sharing, that it has changed my view of it in recent years. Therefore, I evaluate 'shares' individually, based on whether they're credited, whether the image is strongly watermarked, and who it is, to name a few criteria. I have NOT found sharing to be promotional all that much, mainly because it's quickly uncredited, which is not promotional at all. I do appreciate those who do it right, and sadly it is the many who do it wrong who have ruined what could be a good thing.
  • Unattributed uses, even if not commercial, will result in DMCA takedowns. That includes those attributed to Google etc. Google did not paint it, I did.
  • Retaliation from infringers: Be forewarned that if you send me nasty messages, I will almost certainly publish them.

I have not at this time licensed or permitted my work to be used to promote any companies, organizations, etc, nor allowed it to be used on products or reprints, etc, by anyone but myself. Redbubble is the ONLY site I've offered products or reprints, and am not currently offering them here or anywhere. I am only selling my originals now, privately and in galleries in the Phoenix area. Any other uses or knockoffs are unauthorized and illegal. I appreciate any reports where people have seen my work in suspicious uses. Though I do my own reverse image searches regularly, it helps to be told of things that sometimes escape the image search's notice or that haven't been indexed/crawled yet. Thank you to those who have told me of infringements!

And...Thank you to ALL those who respect the copyrights of artists!

(The DMCA, Digital Millenium Copyright Act, is a US law designed to afford web hosts ‘safe harbor’ from liability for infringing material posted by 3rd parties, provided they comply with DMCA takedowns. Many countries have agreed to abide by the Act.)

LINKS LIST Copyright and Fair Use Myths and FAQ's: 

© Cindy Schnackel--most of the wording in my copyright notice is my own, not a template or boilerplate language, so please do not just copy and paste this notice to your own page. (Oh, the irony! I HAVE found people who did that!) The list of links at the end is not copyrightable, (being merely a list of ordinary things), and I'm not claiming it is; it is simply a list of web pages, and I encourage you to read, share, and post the list of links, in hopes that it educates your readers, too, that the internet is not free clip art. Got it? Thank you.